Overview of the Program

The Kaiser Hayward PT Fellowship includes the following components:
  • 6-8 week directed reading period which can be completed in the applicant's home state
  • 3-month full-time Mentorship (on site)
  • 6-month full-time Advanced Fellowship (on site)
  • Culminating Teaching project (completed in the participant's home state)
  • Advanced course work in anatomy and biomechanics
Curriculum content:
Three-month Mentorship is offered twice yearly Jan-April and Sept-October. Course work in manual therapy examination/intervention, exercise, and patient management, weekly 1:1 mentoring, small group tutorials and case study analysis, practical examinations, clinical projects to refine clinical reasoning, ongoing review/critique of the literature, clinical practice 26-hours per week in a large outpatient setting with orthopedic caseload. Tuition is $1900 with a stipend for clinical practice hours.

The Mentorship program enables the participant to develop a systematic clinical reasoning framework with orthopedic patients, with emphasis on patients with dysfunctions of the spine, shoulder and knee complexes. Mentees receive extensive course syllabi and readings throughout the program. Successful completion of the pre-Mentorship directed reading period and the Mentorship are required for entry into the Fellowship.

Six-month Fellowship if offered once per year from April - October. The six month program includes the same curriculum components as the Mentorship supervision, (e.g. tutorials, clinical projects, etc.), however the program emphasizes ADVANCED manual therapy examination and treatment, exercise and patient management. The spine is reviewed in detail along with manual therapy exam/treatment of all peripheral joints. The Fellowship is designed for individuals who wish to go on to become advanced clinicians who are able to manage complex patient presentations, make direct access decisions, and teach/consult in the community.

The curriculum emphasizes the Australian approach to manual therapy but also exposes fellows to Osteopathic and Norwegian manual therapy techniques and related approaches (e.g. McKenzie, Sahrmann). Fellows learn all grades of mobilization/manual therapy. Fellows receive advanced course work in the spine and all peripheral joints, exercise concepts and self-management. Anatomical and biomechanical concepts are integrated throughout the program. Medical lectures and review/critique of current literature are also integrated throughout the program.

Tuition is $2800 with a weekly stipend of $21/hour for a 26-hour work week.

Following completion of the 6-month Fellowship, participants are required to complete a culminating teaching project in their community or submit a paper for publication.

Participants who complete all program components are graduates of an APTA credentialed fellowship in manual therapy and are eligible to become a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (AAOMPT).

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